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Series Books


Heiresses in Love Series

Upon Your Return (published February 2013, second edition release ETA November 2020) – historical romance, some maritime [currently unavailable, though I’ve signed a contract with a new publisher, have new cover]


Upon Your Honor (published April 2014, second edition release TBA) – historical romance, maritime, family saga, suspense [currently unavailable, though I’ve signed a contract with my new publisher]


Upon Your Love (published February 2017) – historical romance, drama, maritime, suspense, family saga [currently unavailable, though I’ve signed a contract with my new publisher]


Heiresses in Love Trilogy (boxed set published February 2018) – historical romance, maritime, suspense, drama, saga [currently unavailable until my new publisher releases a boxed set]



Blood at First Sight Series

Second Nature  (published December 2014) – paranormal romance/urban fantasy, contemporary

Blood Instincts (published May 2018) – paranormal romance/urban fantasy, futuristic

The Bloodseer Legacy – dystopian paranormal romance, metaphysical/visionary elements


Magick Series

Magick & Moonlight – (published March 2014, second edition released April 2020) – lighthearted romantic fantasy, contemporary 

A Little Magick(published July 2015) – lighthearted children’s fantasy, contemporary

A Little Magick - final cover (3)

Magick Sunrise – lighthearted romantic fantasy, contemporary (status: work in progress, have a cover for future release)



Eternal Hearts Series

Second Chance Heart – contemporary romance (published October 2015)

Yuletide Heart – contemporary, Christmas romance

Unexpected Heart – contemporary, Valentine’s romance, saga


Code of Endhivar Series – contemporary, science fiction, sci-fi romance

Blue Vision – sci-fi romance, contemporary, winter-themed (published November 2016, second edition released December 2019)

Out of This World (Book 2) (status: work in progress, have a cover for future release)


Sean - Alienbook2

True Blue (Book 3) 


The Witches of Moonhaven Series

Spellbound – historical, romantic fantasy


Enchantment- historical, romantic fantasy


Prophecy – historical, romantic fantasy


Temptation- historical, romantic fantasy


Yearning – historical, romantic fantasy


Salvation – historical, romantic fantasy



The Misfits Series (a group of mismatched sorority rejects who somehow make friendship work) – contemporary, emotional romantic comedy series

Chasing Ginger – contemporary, BBW or curvy romance, steamy romantic comedy, billionaire romance (published March 10, 2020) 

Sharon’s Dirty Little Secret – rom com


Redeeming Jessica – BBW romantic comedy

20131003 Plus size Modeling pic 11

Fifty Days for Merry – rom com


The Truth About Val? – rom com


Finding Nicole – lesbian romantic comedy (status: work in progress, have mock-up covers)


FindingNicole-mockupcover1 FindingNicole-mockupcover2 FindingNicole-mockupcover3 FindingNicole-mockupcover4 FindingNicole-mockupcover5 FindingNicole-mockupcover6 FindingNicole-mockupcover7 FindingNicole-mockupcover8 FindingNicole-mockupcover9 FindingNicole-mockupcover10 FindingNicole-mockupcover11 FindingNicole-mockupcover12 FindingNicole-mockupcover13



Spells & Shifters Series (these are just temporary book titles)

The Shifter Takes a Witch – contemporary, paranormal romance/urban fantasy

Portrait of a young woman with red hair and green eyes

Waking the Witch/How to Wake A Witch – contemporary, paranormal romance/urban fantasy


Touched by Magick/The Witch and the Maverick – contemporary, paranormal romance/urban fantasy

Breanne&Allen-spells & shifters series


Distorted Series (can be read as standalone or as a series, order is yet to be determined) – amnesia theme

Trapped with a Greek Hottie – contemporary, drama, romance


Snowbound with a Striking SEAL- contemporary, military romance, drama, suspense


Reunited with a Stranger – contemporary, drama, romance


Ladies of the West Series (can be read as standalone or as a series)

Hannah’s Savage (Hannah & Manto) – historical romance, Western, Cheyenne


Charity’s Gentleman (Charity & Harlan) – historical romance, Western


Stacey’s Lawman (Stacey & Frank) – historical romance, Western



Emerald Encounters Series (Erotic Romance MF/FMF/MF) – will be published under Rheisa Green (status: work in progress, have mock-up covers)

Night at the Emerald Lounge:  April Awakened

Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover1 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover2 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover3 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover4 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover5 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover6 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover7 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover8 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover9 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover10 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover11 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover12 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover14 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover16 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover18Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover19  Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover17- 1 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover13 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover15

Emerald Temptation:  Brenda’s Journey

Emerald Temptation - covermockup1 Emerald Temptation - covermockup2 Emerald Temptation - covermockup3 Emerald Temptation - covermockup4 Emerald Temptation - covermockup5 Emerald Temptation - covermockup6 Emerald Temptation - covermockup7 Emerald Temptation - covermockup8 Emerald Temptation - covermockup9 Emerald Temptation - covermockup10 Emerald Temptation - covermockup11 Emerald Temptation - covermockup12 Emerald Temptation - covermockup13 Emerald Temptation - covermockup18 Emerald Temptation - covermockup14 Emerald Temptation - covermockup15 Emerald Temptation - covermockup16 Emerald Temptation - covermockup17

Emerald Embrace:  Chad’s Obsession

Emerald Embrace - cover mockup1 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup2 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup3 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup4 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup5 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup6 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup7 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup8 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup9 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup10 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup11 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup12 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup13 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup14 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup31 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup19 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup21 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup20 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup16 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup25 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup18 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup29 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup15 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup22 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup26 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup24 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup28 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup17 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup27 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup30 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup23


Books That Are Collections of Novellas, Stories or Poems


Madame Aubergine’s Compendium of Ramblings: Tales, Snippets and Poetry – contemporary, literary fiction/poetry collection (status:  work in progress, have mock-up covers)

2nd mockup3rd mockup cover4th mockup cover5th mockup cover6th mockup cover7th mockup cover 8th mockup cover 9th mockup cover 10th mockup cover 11th mockup cover 12th mockup cover 13th mockup cover 14th mockup cover 15th mockup cover 16th mockup cover 17th mockup cover 18th mockup cover 19th-mockup-cover 20th-mockup-cover 21st-mockup-cover 22nd-mockup-cover 23rd-mockup-cover 24th-mockup-cover 25th-mockup-cover 


*Some of these works were originally published under H. Crouse with the following titles: 

Express Café and Other Ramblings

Ramblings, Musings and Other Things

Soulful Ramblings and Other Worldly Things


The Game (contemporary romance, romantic adventure, saga, collection) – (status: work in progress, have a cover for a future release)

Perfect Game (originally published under Erica Sutherhome) – romantic adventure, contemporary

A Game of Love (new sequel) – contemporary, saga, romantic adventure


First Target (romantic mystery, contemporary, collection) – (status: fully revising, have a cover for a future release)

Hard to Get (originally published under Erica Sutherhome)

A Hint of Scandal (originally published under Erica Sutherhome)


Dark Secrets (romantic suspense, contemporary, collection) (status:  work in progress, have a cover for a future release)

DARK SECRETS - Print cover

Haunted (originally published under Erica Sutherhome)

Pursuit (originally published under Erica Sutherhome)

Ransom (originally published under Erica Sutherhome)

Leather and Lace (originally published under Erica Sutherhome)


Directions of the Heart  (collection published July 2017) – contemporary romance, drama, sensitive issues, PTSD Awareness

Directions of the Heart - Print cover

Comprised of Novellas:

-Without You

-Strange Heat


-A Touch of Dawn


Awakening – paranormal romance, mystery/thriller with metaphysical/visionary elements collection (status:  work in progress, have a cover for a future release)


A Misplaced Life (originally published under Kathryn Layne)

Terror in the Night (originally published under Erica Sutherhome)


Stand Alone Books



The Seer’s Heart – historical



The Widow – historical

Untitled frontier romance – historical



The Scandalous Earl – historical

The Lady in Green – historical


A Girl in the Shadows – gothic, historical


The Passionate Slave – historical


Gallant Seduction – historical


Spanish Heart – historical

The Rogue – historical

The Unexpected Suitor – historical

The Reluctant Pirate – historical

The Arrangement – historical



Western Romance

Cooper’s Wife – historical, post Civil War

The Rogue – Spanish romance 



Midnight Kiss – historical

Masquerade in White – historical


The Unexpected Suitor – historical

The Proposal – historical



Turn of the Century

The Tragic Princess – historical (Ana & Sergei)


Time Travel/Fantasy

Eternal Dreams – time travel romance (historical, contemporary) – Anatolian Stone Series (Eternal Dreams, Eternal Star, Eternal Sunset)


Life Renewed – reincarnation theme (historical, paranormal, contemporary)

Reincarnated Seer (temporary title) – reincarnation theme (historical, paranormal, contemporary)


Other Paranormal/Dystopian/Sci-Fi/Horror

When the Dawn Comes – paranormal, dystopian romance

zombie story (untitled) – dystopian, romance

Bloody Suspicion – horror, paranormal, mystery (status: work in progress, have a mock-up cover)


Deadspeak – paranormal romance, mystery


Modern Romance Standalone Stories

The Missing Piece – contemporary, new adult romance (published February 2017, second edition released February 2020)

Certain Death – contemporary, romantic suspense (collaboration with writer C.T.)


Last Chance at Love – contemporary (status: work in progress, have a mock-up cover)


Cajun Heat- contemporary

The Wager – contemporary

His Dancer – contemporary (status: work in progress, have a mock-up cover)


The Executive’s Surprise – contemporary

Savannah Temptation – contemporary

Passion’s Foe – contemporary, romantic suspense

Heirlooms – contemporary (status: work in progress, have a mock-up cover)


Southern Comfort – contemporary

Project Cupcakes – contemporary, holiday romance, secret baby romance (status: work in progress, have a mock-up cover)


Homespun Dreams – contemporary

Miracle – contemporary, secret baby romance/pregnancy romance

April’s Light/My Only Hope – contemporary

Celibacy Sucks! – contemporary, romantic comedy – (status: work in progress, have a mock-up cover)


Wake-Up Call (or Tied Down) – contemporary, secret baby romance

Perfect Intrigue – contemporary, drama


In the Darkness – contemporary

The Welcoming – contemporary

Finding/Discovering Eden – contemporary, romantic adventure (status: work in progress, have a mock-up cover)


The Gentleman- contemporary


Miracle – contemporary

Risky Intentions – contemporary, romantic suspense

Welcome Home – contemporary, second chance romance

Nightmare Begins – contemporary, romantic suspense/thriller

A Watcher in the Dark – contemporary, suspense

InstaGroom – contemporary, fake marriage theme

Love and Madness in Mystery Falls – contemporary, three different romance tales included in one novel


Dark Thief – contemporary, romantic suspense


How to Love a Spy – contemporary, spy romance, romantic suspense


Somebody I Used to Know – contemporary

The Muse – contemporary

Stone of Eternity – contemporary, romantic adventure

A Healing Touch – contemporary

Broken/Branded by You – contemporary, second chance romance, crime drama, standalone mafia romance

The Debutante – contemporary

Perfect Star – contemporary, western (collaboration with writer C.B.)

Right At Home – contemporary, friends to lovers theme

Nik & Sherry

Treasure the Night – contemporary

Strange Savior – contemporary

Hard Target – contemporary, romantic suspense

Whirlwind – contemporary


Not Even in Death – contemporary

A Lonely Valentine and the Mask – holiday, erotica, dark romance (some BDSM) – will be published under Rheisa Green



Miscellaneous Standalone Stories

The Trouble with the Truth – YA mystery (status: work in progress, plan to submit manuscript to a literary journal first)

Witness – psychological thriller (status: work in progress, have mock-up covers)

Witness-cover mockup1 Witness-cover mockup3 Witness-cover mockup4 Witness-cover mockup5 Witness-cover mockup6 Witness-cover mockup7 Witness-cover mockup8 Witness-cover mockup9 Witness-cover mockup10 Witness-cover mockup11 Witness-cover mockup12 Witness-cover mockup13 Witness-cover mockup15 Witness-cover mockup16 Witness-cover mockup17 Witness-cover mockup18 Witness-cover mockup19 Witness-cover mockup20 Witness-cover mockup21 Witness-cover mockup22 Witness-cover mockup23 Witness-cover mockup24 Witness-cover mockup25 Witness-cover mockup26 witness-cover-mockup27 witness-cover-mockup28 witness-cover-mockup29 witness-cover-mockup30 witness-cover-mockup31  witness-cover-mockup32 witness-cover-mockup33 witness-cover-mockup34 witness-cover-mockup35 witness-cover-mockup36 witness-cover-mockup37 witness-cover-mockup38 witness-cover-mockup39 witness-cover-mockup40





Here is a sneak peek of a work in progress, a historical western romance:


Hannah reached for the shotgun she’d shoved into the holster on the saddle and swung it backward toward the man on her heels. She tried to aim carefully with the unsteady effort of the horse beneath her. She squeezed off a shot, missing the man. When she tried again, he had gained on her, right beside her on his own mount. The gun was kicked out of her hand and she grasped wildly at the reins, fumbling to maintain her balance. Somehow, despite her best efforts, she was thrown from the horse, her breath whooshing out of her on impact.

When she landed, she heard a loud crack, felt her bones crush. The rush of pain brought a scream from her, and tears rushed to her eyes, streaming like tracks into her dark brown hair. Her pursuers were behind her, heard one jump from his horse and run toward her. One glance forward told her that Jade had gotten away, was galloping back in the direction of the house. She would find her own way. Her mare was safe. She hoped Granger was too. But, the taste of fear choked her, and the pain, each stab ripping through her shoulder, was too much. Hannah felt dizzy and weak.

The sound of galloping horses died down and more footsteps approached. She was outnumbered, as good as dead without a weapon of some kind. Courage and pride were the only things she had left. Gritting her teeth against the pain, she slowly eased to her feet, struggling in the long blue skirt she wore over a white blouse. Dirt smudged her skin and clothes and her hair was straggly with her unruly brown curls. She turned to face the enemy.

There were four men who slowly approached, as if wary that she’d attempt anything with the way she’d tried to outrun them before. The one in front, who’d knocked her off the horse, wore a lopsided grin and carried the stench of unwashed flesh. She wrinkled her nose at his approach. Then she became aware that they all wore uniforms. Soldiers. But the way the man looked her over caused a sick churning in her stomach. No, she couldn’t trust any of them to be honorable.

“Well, boys, did you expect to see a pretty thing way out here this afternoon?”

There were murmurs of agreement and she clenched her teeth on the rise of fear.

“Now, don’t you try anything, you hear?  If you’re good, we’ll make it nice for you, sweetheart.”

She trembled as he approached her, fought her fear as best as she could, but to no avail. There were simply too many of them.

He took hold of her waist, dragging her against him. “You’re a little spitfire, aren’t ya?  You ain’t afeared of us, eh?”

She wouldn’t give him the pleasure of a response. It was likely her terror would only intrigue him more.

“That there girl’s bound to have a man around, Chester.”

“Quit your bellyaching, Sanders. This one might have a man, but he’s done gone to war, I’d say, or she wouldn’t have been out by herself.”  He ran his index finger along her cheek.

She stiffened, jerking her face away from his touch.

“Now, now. You’d best behave. I warned you of that.”

She was sickly aware of his arousal through her dress, and she prayed he wouldn’t act on it.

“Now, me and my men have been traveling a while, and we wouldn’t mind a good meal and a nice place to sleep.”

Hannah doubted that was all they wanted. By the lascivious looks they all cast on her person, each one of them meant her harm.

“I’m…not sure that’s possible.”

“Oh, really?”

She nodded. “You see, I barely have enough for myself.”  It was the truth. Since Thomas had died, she’d lost some weight because of what little she had to eat. And it wasn’t for lack of trying to find the resources. They just weren’t there.

“Well, is that so?  I suppose then you’ll just have to work for yours.”

She clenched her teeth on a rise of anger. If the man thought that would let him lay a hand on her any further than he was at the moment, he was dead wrong. She’d find a way out of this, escape if she had to and never let him touch her. She’d never killed a man before, but she imagined if she was pushed far enough, she might have to. “Bastard,” she ground out.

“I told you that you had to be nice. Now you’ve gone and done it.”  He lowered his lips to hers, trying to force his tongue in her mouth. Then, suddenly he reared back, with a gasp.

There was blood on his lip. She’d bitten him.

As his face grew red with a rage she had never witnessed, she struggled to get away, knew the worse was about to happen.

Without warning, he backhanded her and she went sprawling on the ground.

Afraid if she stood up, he’d try again, she rolled to face him and rose up slightly on her hands and knees. From her vantage point, he was angry. She knew no matter what she did to him, he would do something to make her regret biting him. A desolate ache gripped her heart. Not only was she outnumbered, she had been too brave. And without a weapon. It was foolish.

Nausea rose up her throat, and she fought the sick flavor.

“Show her who’s boss, Chester.”

“Yeah, she don’t know how good she has it.”

“Give her a taste of your power.”

The urgings of his men increased her queasiness to a point where she gagged, gasping.

Chester stalked up to her, grabbed her by her hair and hauled her to her feet.

She screamed, trying to pull away from the sharp stings of pain. Tears brimmed in her eyes.

“You shouldn’t have messed with me, bitch,” he muttered into her ear. He ran his hands over her dress, hiking it up until he found her pantaloons. He ripped those off her, the high-pitched rend of fabric spelling out her fate, then slowly caressed her naked backside.

Crying, moaning incoherently, she tried to wriggle out from under him, but his hold was too strong. “Please,” she whispered. “I didn’t mean…I’m sorry. I—”

“Too late, girlie. You’re just going have to deal with the consequences.”

On one knee, the man forced her over it. Without warning, he slapped his hand hard against her buttocks.

She cried out both from pain and the shame of it.

“Now, if I was any kind of gentleman, I’d warm you up a little before I sodomized you.”

Faintness and fear choked her, had her gasping for air. He wouldn’t. He…couldn’t.

“But, I’m not really a patient man, am I, boys?”

They howled in laughter as he drew her off his knee, stood her up straight and fumbled with the buttons on his pants while holding her firm at the waist.

Her whole body shook with abject horror, and tears consistently ran down her cheeks. “Please…I won’t tell anyone what happened. Just go.”

“You can’t tell anyone, girl. You’re in the middle of nowhere.”  Just as his trousers dropped, there was a loud thud and the men started yelling.

Free to move, Hannah turned to see the man fall over to the ground, a knife planted in his chest. Stunned, she smoothed down her dress, and then stood in shock to see that the other men had arrows sticking out of them. One by one, each of the men sank to the ground with a thump, stirring up clouds of dust.

Suddenly, a new rider came barreling down towards her on his horse and she screamed, raising her arms over her eyes. Would he kill her too?  He took hold of her outstretched arm and swung her up before him on the horse, riding in the opposite direction from the ranch.

Seated in front of him, she couldn’t see the rider. But his muscled arm pressed against her middle and she sensed the warmth of his body as she was forced to burrow into him. It was a heady sensation. She was more aware than ever of the fact that a strong yet lean man held her and she wasn’t disgusted by his touch. Despite the dust kicking up from the horse’s hooves, she smelled a pleasant, wild musk. Not to mention the fact that beneath her dress, her skin was completely bare. Shaking off her foolishness, she focused on the ride. The constant galloping of the horse brought back the nausea she’d felt before as well as a reminder of the pain that originated in her shoulder. She wondered who the man was. Had he rescued her from those soldiers because she was in trouble, or because he wanted her for himself? The latter made her tremble violently.

Would the terror of the afternoon never end? Might she ever be safe again?

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