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Got random questions to ask about my author life or regarding books? Submit them below in reply by adding a comment, and I will answer as they post.

You may also reach out with any inquiries about me or my books, or if you’d just like to say hi or express how much you liked my latest release at my fan mail address…


  • How do I get a signed copy of one of your books?  I am not selling these directly from my site at the moment. However, I’d be happy to sign a paperback copy of a book that you purchase and mail to my address through whichever bookseller you’re comfortable using, and I’ll send it back to you at no extra cost. ***BUT ONLY IF YOU LIVE IN THE USA! (Please understand that shipping costs are expensive.) Just private message me on Facebook for more details. For an e-signature instead, please visit my Authorgraph profile.

  • Why do some of your titles on the ‘My Books’ page have different author names?  In the past, I released books under various pen names. Now, I plan to stick with the Marie Lavender brand. Starting with Directions of the Heart, you’ll start to see some of the works from my backlist fully revised and republished. Those upcoming titles are mentioned in my portfolio. However, I have contributed to anthologies with other writers as well.

  • I see that a few of your books have different covers and purchase links than they did the last time I was here. What happened?  No worries! Just changing things up a little. Also, some of my series books were released back to me from my former publisher, and I published them on my own with updates and book covers. The only two titles left to recover still are Second Nature and Blood Instincts. The Heiresses in Love Series is coming back soon as well, and will be released through Foundations Books.

  • I am a concerned parent. I know you published a children’s fantasy, A Little Magick, in 2015. I can ignore the romance books when I’m shopping around, but now I see you’re planning on an erotica series. Are you kidding me here?  Honestly, I never planned on writing a kid’s story. It just happened. But I stated upfront that I am a multi-genre author. However, I understand your worries and I respect your stance. The erotica projects will be published under a different pseudonym entirely, though at some point they’ll still be listed in the portfolio and on the ‘My Books’ pages so all my fans can be made aware of them. I can’t promise that I’ll write more children’s books (only the muse knows), but I can tell you I’ll do my best to distance them from the other types of books I release. For example, the adult tales in The Magick Series will eventually be released into their own boxed set, separate from A Little Magick.

  • I’m an author too. Have you ever thought about a review exchange, or do you review other people’s books?  I always try to support other authors. Right now, though, my TBR pile is too long to even take on more book reviews in my schedule. However, if you’re open to a book feature or author interview on one of my blogs, I usually have some open spots available. Check out our policies on Writing in the Modern Age or the I Love Romance Blog! 😉

  • My dream is to be an author someday. Do you have any advice for beginning writers?  Never lose the joy of writing. No matter what happens on your journey, always try to come back to why you started doing this is in the first place. And I hope it was because you love to write. Beyond that, be kind to yourself. Have patience, as this will take as long as it takes. Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither will your career happen that fast. It’s a gradual path to where you want to be…a learning process. Open your heart and mind to new experiences, for they’ll only further feed your creativity. But persevere, too, despite the odds, regardless of the naysayers. Believe that you can get there, and you’ll never fail.

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