Projects & Writing

(NOTE: ***Key –>means it is a manuscript I am working on now.)

Series Books


Heiresses in Love Series

Upon Your Return (published February 2013, second edition released November 2020, third edition published March 2022) – historical romance, some maritime elements

Upon Your Honor (published April 2014, second edition release TBA) – historical romance, maritime, family saga, suspense [currently unavailable] 

Upon Your Love (published February 2017) – historical romance, drama, maritime, suspense, family saga [currently unavailable]

Heiresses in Love Trilogy (boxed set published February 2018) – historical romance, maritime, suspense, drama, saga [currently unavailable]

Blood at First Sight Series

Second Nature  (published December 2014, second edition release December 2020) – paranormal romance/urban fantasy, contemporary

Blood Instincts (published May 2018, second edition release November 2021) – paranormal romance/urban fantasy, futuristic

The Bloodseer Legacy – dystopian paranormal romance, metaphysical/visionary elements

Magick Series

Magick & Moonlight – (published March 2014, second edition released April 2020) – lighthearted romantic fantasy, contemporary 

A Little Magick(published July 2015) – lighthearted children’s fantasy, contemporary

Magick Sunrise – lighthearted romantic fantasy, contemporary (status: work in progress, have a cover for future release)


Eternal Hearts Series

Second Chance Heart – contemporary romance (published October 2015)

Yuletide Heart – contemporary, Christmas romance (status: work in progress, have a cover for future release)

Unexpected Heart – contemporary, Valentine’s romance, saga (status: work in progress, have mock-up covers)

Code of Endhivar Series – contemporary, science fiction, sci-fi romance

Blue Vision – sci-fi romance, contemporary, winter-themed (published November 2016, second edition released December 2019)

Out of This World (Book 2) (status: work in progress, have a cover for future release)


Sean - Alienbook2

True Blue (Book 3) 

The Witches of Moonhaven Series

Spellbound – historical, romantic fantasy


Enchantment- historical, romantic fantasy


Prophecy – historical, romantic fantasy


Temptation- historical, romantic fantasy


Yearning – historical, romantic fantasy


Salvation – historical, romantic fantasy


The Misfits Series (a group of mismatched sorority rejects who somehow make friendship work) – contemporary, emotional romantic comedy series

Chasing Ginger – contemporary, BBW or curvy romance, steamy romantic comedy, billionaire romance (published March 10, 2020) 

Sharon’s Dirty Little Secret – billionaire rom com


Redeeming Jessica – BBW romantic comedy

20131003 Plus size Modeling pic 11

Fifty Days for Merry – holiday rom com


The Truth About Val? – billionaire rom com


Finding Nicole – lesbian romantic comedy (status: work in progress, have mock-up covers)


FindingNicole-mockupcover1 FindingNicole-mockupcover2 FindingNicole-mockupcover3 FindingNicole-mockupcover4 FindingNicole-mockupcover5 FindingNicole-mockupcover6 FindingNicole-mockupcover7 FindingNicole-mockupcover8 FindingNicole-mockupcover9 FindingNicole-mockupcover10 FindingNicole-mockupcover11 FindingNicole-mockupcover12 FindingNicole-mockupcover13

Spells & Shifters Series (these are just temporary book titles)

The Shifter Takes a Witch – contemporary, paranormal romance/urban fantasy

Portrait of a young woman with red hair and green eyes

Waking the Witch/How to Wake A Witch – contemporary, paranormal romance/urban fantasy


Touched by Magick/The Witch and the Maverick – contemporary, paranormal romance/urban fantasy

Breanne&Allen-spells & shifters series

Distorted Series (can be read as standalone or as a series, order is yet to be determined) – amnesia theme

Trapped with a Greek Hottie – contemporary, drama, romance


Snowbound with a Striking SEAL- contemporary, military romance, drama, suspense


Reunited with a Stranger – contemporary, drama, romance

Ladies of the West Series (can be read as standalone or as a series)

Hannah’s Savage (Hannah & Manto) – historical romance, Western, Cheyenne


Charity’s Gentleman (Charity & Harlan) – historical romance, Western


Stacey’s Lawman (Stacey & Frank) – historical romance, Western


Emerald Encounters Series (Erotic Romance MF/FMF/MF) – will be published under Rheisa Green (status: work in progress, have mock-up covers)

Night at the Emerald Lounge:  April Awakened

Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover1 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover2 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover3 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover4 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover5 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover6 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover7 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover8 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover9 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover10 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover11 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover12 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover14 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover16 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover18Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover19  Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover17- 1 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover13 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover15

Emerald Temptation:  Brenda’s Journey

Emerald Temptation - covermockup1 Emerald Temptation - covermockup2 Emerald Temptation - covermockup3 Emerald Temptation - covermockup4 Emerald Temptation - covermockup5 Emerald Temptation - covermockup6 Emerald Temptation - covermockup7 Emerald Temptation - covermockup8 Emerald Temptation - covermockup9 Emerald Temptation - covermockup10 Emerald Temptation - covermockup11 Emerald Temptation - covermockup12 Emerald Temptation - covermockup13 Emerald Temptation - covermockup18 Emerald Temptation - covermockup14 Emerald Temptation - covermockup15 Emerald Temptation - covermockup16 Emerald Temptation - covermockup17

Emerald Embrace:  Chad’s Obsession

Emerald Embrace - cover mockup1 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup2 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup3 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup4 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup5 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup6 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup7 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup8 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup9 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup10 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup11 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup12 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup13 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup14 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup31 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup19 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup21 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup20 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup16 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup25 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup18 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup29 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup15 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup22 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup26 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup24 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup28 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup17 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup27 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup30 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup23


Books Which Are Collections of Novellas, Stories or Poems

Phenomenal Touch: A Supernatural Romance Series Starter Collection – fantasy/paranormal/sci-fi romance boxed set 

(collection/collector’s edition boxed set published February 2021)

Comprised of Books:

Magick & Moonlight

Second Nature

Blue Vision

Madame Aubergine’s Compendium of Ramblings: Tales, Snippets and Poetry – contemporary, literary fiction/poetry collection  (status:  work in progress, have mock-up covers)

2nd mockup3rd mockup cover4th mockup cover5th mockup cover6th mockup cover7th mockup cover 8th mockup cover 9th mockup cover 10th mockup cover 11th mockup cover 12th mockup cover 13th mockup cover 14th mockup cover 15th mockup cover 16th mockup cover 17th mockup cover 18th mockup cover 19th-mockup-cover 20th-mockup-cover 21st-mockup-cover 22nd-mockup-cover 23rd-mockup-cover 24th-mockup-cover 25th-mockup-cover 

*Some of these works were originally published under H. Crouse with the following titles: 

Express Café and Other Ramblings

Ramblings, Musings and Other Things

Soulful Ramblings and Other Worldly Things


The Game (contemporary romance, romantic adventure, saga, collection) – (status: work in progress, have a cover for a future release)

Perfect Game (originally published under Erica Sutherhome) – romantic adventure, contemporary

A Game of Love (new sequel) – contemporary, saga, romantic adventure


First Target (romantic mystery, contemporary, collection) – (status: fully revising, have a cover for a future release)

Hard to Get (originally published under Erica Sutherhome)

A Hint of Scandal (originally published under Erica Sutherhome)


Dark Secrets (romantic suspense, contemporary, collection) (status:  work in progress, have a cover for a future release)

DARK SECRETS - Print cover

Haunted (originally published under Erica Sutherhome)

Pursuit (originally published under Erica Sutherhome)

Ransom (originally published under Erica Sutherhome)

Leather and Lace (originally published under Erica Sutherhome)


Directions of the Heart  (collection published July 2017) – contemporary romance, drama, sensitive issues, PTSD Awareness

Directions of the Heart - Print cover

Comprised of Novellas:

-Without You

-Strange Heat


-A Touch of Dawn


Awakening – paranormal romance, mystery/thriller with metaphysical/visionary elements collection (status:  work in progress, have a cover for a future release)


A Misplaced Life (originally published under Kathryn Layne)

Terror in the Night (originally published under Erica Sutherhome)


Stand Alone Books



The Seer’s Heart – historical



The Widow – historical

Untitled frontier romance – historical


The Scandalous Earl – historical

The Lady in Green – historical


A Girl in the Shadows – gothic, historical


The Passionate Slave – historical


Gallant Seduction – historical


Spanish Heart – historical

The Rogue – historical

The Unexpected Suitor – historical

The Reluctant Pirate – historical

The Arrangement – historical



Western Romance

Cooper’s Wife – historical, post Civil War

The Rogue – Spanish romance 



Midnight Kiss – historical

Masquerade in White – historical


The Unexpected Suitor – historical

The Proposal – historical



Turn of the Century

The Tragic Princess – historical (Ana & Sergei)


Time Travel/Fantasy

Eternal Dreams – time travel romance (historical, contemporary) – Anatolian Stone Series (Eternal Dreams, Eternal Star, Eternal Sunset)


Life Renewed – reincarnation theme (historical, paranormal, contemporary)

Reincarnated Seer (temporary title) – reincarnation theme (historical, paranormal, contemporary)


Other Paranormal/Dystopian/Sci-Fi/Horror

When the Dawn Comes – paranormal, dystopian romance

zombie story (untitled) – dystopian, romance

Bloody Suspicion – horror, paranormal, mystery (status: work in progress, have a mock-up cover)


Deadspeak – paranormal romance, mystery (status: work in progress, have a mock-up cover)

Modern Romance Standalone Stories

The Missing Piece – contemporary, new adult romance (published February 2017, second edition released February 2020)

Certain Death – contemporary, romantic suspense (collaboration with writer C.T.)


Last Chance at Love – contemporary (status: work in progress, have a mock-up cover)


Cajun Heat- contemporary

The Wager – contemporary

His Dancer – contemporary (status: work in progress, have a mock-up cover)


The Executive’s Surprise – contemporary

Savannah Temptation – contemporary

Passion’s Foe – contemporary, romantic suspense

Heirlooms – contemporary (status: work in progress, have a mock-up cover)


Southern Comfort – contemporary

Project Cupcakes – contemporary, holiday romance, secret baby romance (status: work in progress, have a mock-up cover)

Homespun Dreams – contemporary

Miracle – contemporary, secret baby romance/pregnancy romance

April’s Light/My Only Hope – contemporary

Celibacy Sucks! – contemporary, romantic comedy – (status: work in progress, have a mock-up cover)


Wake-Up Call (or Tied Down) – contemporary, secret baby romance

Perfect Intrigue – contemporary, drama


In the Darkness – contemporary

The Welcoming – contemporary

Finding/Discovering Eden – contemporary, romantic adventure (status: work in progress, have a mock-up cover)

The Gentleman- contemporary


Miracle – contemporary

Risky Intentions – contemporary, romantic suspense

Welcome Home – contemporary, second chance romance

Nightmare Begins – contemporary, romantic suspense/thriller

A Watcher in the Dark – contemporary, suspense

InstaGroom – contemporary, fake marriage theme (status: work in progress, have a mock-up cover)

Love and Madness in Mystery Falls – contemporary, three different romance tales included in one novel


Dark Thief – contemporary, romantic suspense


How to Love a Spy – contemporary, spy romance, romantic suspense


Somebody I Used to Know – contemporary

The Muse – contemporary

Stone of Eternity – contemporary, romantic adventure (status: work in progress, have a mock-up cover)

A Healing Touch – contemporary

Broken/Branded by You – contemporary, second chance romance, crime drama, standalone mafia romance

The Debutante – contemporary

Perfect Star – contemporary, western (collaboration with writer C.B.)

Right At Home – contemporary, friends to lovers theme

Nik & Sherry

Treasure the Night – contemporary

Strange Savior – contemporary

Hard Target – contemporary, romantic suspense

Whirlwind – contemporary/southern rom com (status: work in progress, have a mock-up cover)


Not Even in Death – contemporary

Playing with a Lonely Valentine – holiday, erotica, dark romance (some BDSM) – set to be published under Rheisa Green

Miscellaneous Standalone Stories

The Trouble with the Truth – YA mystery (status: work in progress, plan to submit manuscript to a literary journal first)

Witness – psychological thriller (status: work in progress, have mock-up covers)

Witness-cover mockup1 Witness-cover mockup3 Witness-cover mockup4 Witness-cover mockup5 Witness-cover mockup6 Witness-cover mockup7 Witness-cover mockup8 Witness-cover mockup9 Witness-cover mockup10 Witness-cover mockup11 Witness-cover mockup12 Witness-cover mockup13 Witness-cover mockup15 Witness-cover mockup16 Witness-cover mockup17 Witness-cover mockup18 Witness-cover mockup19 Witness-cover mockup20 Witness-cover mockup21 Witness-cover mockup22 Witness-cover mockup23 Witness-cover mockup24 Witness-cover mockup25 Witness-cover mockup26 witness-cover-mockup27 witness-cover-mockup28 witness-cover-mockup29 witness-cover-mockup30 witness-cover-mockup31  witness-cover-mockup32 witness-cover-mockup33 witness-cover-mockup34 witness-cover-mockup35 witness-cover-mockup36 witness-cover-mockup37 witness-cover-mockup38 witness-cover-mockup39 witness-cover-mockup40

Writing Sample

Here is a sneak peek of a work in progress, a historical romance:

Energy sang through Elise’s veins with a restlessness she couldn’t ignore. Gazing out at the spindly oaks that mimicked demon-like arms in the darkness, leaves swayed in the strong breeze. Thunder rumbled nearby. A storm was coming. The river which swept right by the estate appeared black. Formidable. Even the moonlight was hindered by the onset of the deluge that had set in. Within mere minutes, torrents of moisture slanted down across the family lands. The swift wind caught in the jalousies, skimming her exposed skin.

With a shiver, she drew her dressing gown closer, tied loosely over the fragile nightrail which had likely witnessed at least a hundred washings. For days, the humidity had stuck like incessant leeches to her flesh. But this storm…the untamed nature of it was exactly what was needed to relieve the strain she’d dealt with earlier.

Jean Luc’s solicitor and foreman had visited subsequently, just after a rude morning call from the manager at the local bank. A loan had come due, the new harvest was suffering several losses, and the lawyer claimed she needed a new husband to handle her business affairs. Jean Luc had left his attorney with a list of prospects – suitable gentlemen she could find a new life with if he ever passed on. Such a strange thing for a husband to do. But it was just like him to want to help her. They’d all known he wouldn’t survive that illness. He had been so weak.

No…she would not marry again, simply to better manage the estate. But what was obvious? Emerald Creek Plantation had been struggling for some time now. Probably because Jean Luc could not keep up with the demands once he took a turn for the worse. She wasn’t quite sure how to turn the situation around either. There were no random relations to take over the property.

            Elise muttered a curse beneath her breath. Despite these difficulties, she still must maintain her position in society. To pretend all was well and her period of mourning was almost over. She had since ceased wearing somber shades in her wardrobe. In all honestly, there was much to be concerned with, simply handling the estate after her late husband’s death. So…what business did she have with being far too forward with a man, and dropping a sordid arrangement in his lap? Was she intent upon worsening an altogether awkward situation by asking Chandler Pascal to bed her? She must be insane. A widow in charge of her faculties would never have offered a rendezvous, let alone admitted the humiliating truth that Jean Luc had neglected a legal obligation – the consummation of their marriage. No, it was best to hope the man would renege on their accord. That was a more suitable outcome for her current predicament. Perhaps ignorance was bliss, after all.

            Suddenly, a stillness was upon her, her limbs bristling with tension. Something lay in the darkness behind her – perhaps a presence. The muscles in Elise’s abdomen quivered, warming with a strange tension. Breaths held suspended for mere seconds, she murmured, “Quiet as a mouse, then?”

            A soft brush of fingertips at the curve of her shoulder heightened her awareness, nerves on fire and prickly, desire suffusing her with a heat she had never known before. “There’s still a chance to back out if you wish,” came the deep, masculine voice she knew so well. “Just say the word, and we’ll never speak of this again.”

            His compassion touched her. “So simple, hmm? We’ll resume our roles as before, with no complaints?”

            He nodded, beside her now at the railing of the gallery. She caught his figure in profile. “As always, you have the utmost respect from me for you and your circumstances.”

            “But what if we continued the charade, this…assignation?”

            “It would not be as lewd as you imagine. We’ll go slowly this time. I can be kind.”

            Elise had no doubt of it. The unknown was of more concern. “What about…” She cleared her throat, then.

            He clasped his hand over hers at the rail. “There are ways to ensure I do not leave you with my seed.”

            His explanation should’ve disgusted her. Instead, a sense of relief spread through her chest. He was a considerate man. Plus, he obviously had some experience with these matters. That could be helpful for this enterprise.

            “It is all right if you’ve changed your mind, Elise. I can depart from here as if I never arrived.”

            Her skin pricked with goosebumps, excitement infusing her veins. Chandler had never used her birth name before this week, often implementing titles such as ‘madame’ or even the occasional ‘chère’ as a friend might. But to acknowledge her Christian name implied a more personal relationship. She supposed the intimacy they were set to embark on would allow such familiarity.

Yet, that was simple logic. They’d already agreed to use their names. The fact was…she enjoyed hearing her given name on his lips. It felt so right.

            That alone was what next drove her actions. She turned, placing her hands upon his chest. The scent of subtle musk and citrus assailed her senses. He also smelled freshly bathed and appeared well-groomed in the moonlight. Obviously, he’d taken careful measures to ensure he was prepared for her. Just as had she after her bath, dabbing a new jasmine perfume behind her ears, at her wrists, and at the cleft of her bosom. While Elise wore a pale pink nightgown with a floral dressing sacque, Chandler had simple trousers, a shirt and a loose overcoat, open to the air.

            “There is no need to leave. I am ready.”

            Was that husky, female tone truly hers? She was a novice at seduction, but her throat felt thick, blocking out the ability to speak further. Instead, she gulped in enough air, desperate to avoid fainting as she waited for his response. So much hinged upon it.

            But what was wrong with her? She wore no corset. Thus, breathing should’ve come much easier.

            A smile spread across Chandler’s handsome face. His full lips descended on hers. Before she knew it, his mouth was testing, sipping gently. His tongue delved inside, sweeping against hers like the first time. She tried to match his technique, feared she failed at every pass. Still, she sank into that pleasant, masculine flavor.

Elise had been attracted to her husband as well, but Jean Luc had never taken the time to carefully explore her lips like this. He was too ill to experiment with their shared passion. Always tender with her, as if he somehow imagined she might break were he to press for more. But Elise was stronger than that. To show her eagerness, she looped her arms around Chandler’s neck, pressing her body against him. His groan was her reward, and he cupped her lower back with a splayed hand. She moved to push the coat from his shoulders. Except that was when he drew away.

            Chandler shook his head, then rested his temple against hers. Both their breaths were labored.

            “Not here, chère. Anyone could happen upon us. Your reputation is at stake, remember?”

            She nodded. How dim-witted of her to forget.

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