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Series Books


Heiresses in Love Series

Upon Your Return (published February 2013, cover updated 2016) – historical romance, some maritime [currently unavailable]

upon your return - new-001

Upon Your Honor (published April 2014, cover updated 2017) – historical romance, maritime, suspense 

Upon Your Love (published February 2017) – historical romance, drama, maritime, suspense, family saga


Heiresses in Love Trilogy (boxed set published February 2018) – historical romance, maritime, suspense, drama, saga [currently unavailable]


Blood at First Sight Series

Second Nature  (published December 2014) – paranormal romance/urban fantasy, contemporary

Blood Instincts (published May 2018) – paranormal romance/urban fantasy, futuristic

The Bloodseer Legacy – dystopian paranormal romance, metaphysical/visionary elements


Magick Series

Magick & Moonlight(published March 2014) – lighthearted romantic fantasy, contemporary

A Little Magick(published July 2015) – lighthearted children’s fantasy, contemporary

A Little Magick - final cover (3)

Magick Sunrise – lighthearted romantic fantasy, contemporary (status: work in progress, have cover for future release)



Eternal Hearts Series

Second Chance Heart – contemporary romance (published October 2015)

Yuletide Heart – contemporary, Christmas romance

Unexpected Heart – contemporary, Valentine’s romance


Code of Endhivar Series – contemporary, science fiction, sci-fi romance

Blue Vision – sci-fi romance, contemporary, winter-themed (published November 2016, second edition released December 2019)

Out of This World (Book 2) (status: work in progress, have a cover for future release)


Sean - Alienbook2

True Blue (Book 3) 


The Witches of Moonhaven Series

Spellbound – historical, romantic fantasy


Enchantment- historical, romantic fantasy


Prophecy – historical, romantic fantasy


Temptation- historical, romantic fantasy


Yearning – historical, romantic fantasy


Salvation – historical, romantic fantasy



The Misfits Series (a group of mismatched sorority rejects who somehow make friendship work) – contemporary, romantic comedy series

Chasing Ginger – contemporary romance, BBW comedy (status: sent to beta readers, have a cover for future release – initial release date of Feb. 2020) 

Fifty Days for Merry – rom com


Redeeming Jessica – BBW romantic comedy

20131003 Plus size Modeling pic 11

Sharon’s Dirty Little Secret – rom com


The Truth About Val? – rom com


Finding Nicole – lesbian romantic comedy (status: work in progress, have mock-up covers)


FindingNicole-mockupcover1 FindingNicole-mockupcover2 FindingNicole-mockupcover3 FindingNicole-mockupcover4 FindingNicole-mockupcover5 FindingNicole-mockupcover6 FindingNicole-mockupcover7 FindingNicole-mockupcover8 FindingNicole-mockupcover9 FindingNicole-mockupcover10 FindingNicole-mockupcover11 FindingNicole-mockupcover12 FindingNicole-mockupcover13



Spells & Shifters Series (these are just temporary book titles)

The Shifter Takes a Witch – contemporary, paranormal romance/urban fantasy

Portrait of a young woman with red hair and green eyes

Waking the Witch/How to Wake A Witch – contemporary, paranormal romance/urban fantasy


Touched by Magick/The Witch and the Maverick – contemporary, paranormal romance/urban fantasy

Breanne&Allen-spells & shifters series


Distorted Series (can be read as standalone or as a series, order is yet to be determined) – amnesia theme

Perfect Stranger – contemporary, drama, romance


Snowbound – contemporary, military romance, drama, suspense


Unforgotten – contemporary, drama, romance


Ladies of the West Series (can be read as standalone or as a series)

Hannah’s Savage (Hannah & Manto) – historical romance, Western, Cheyenne


Charity’s Gentleman (Charity & Harlan) – historical romance, Western


Stacey’s Lawman (Stacey & Frank) – historical romance, Western



Emerald Encounters Series (Erotic Romance MF/FMF/MF) – will be published under Rheisa Green (status: work in progress, have mock-up covers)

Night at the Emerald Lounge:  April Awakened

Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover1 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover2 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover3 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover4 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover5 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover6 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover7 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover8 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover9 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover10 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover11 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover12 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover14 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover16 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover18Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover19  Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover17- 1 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover13 Night at the Emerald Lounge - cover15

Emerald Temptation:  Brenda’s Journey

Emerald Temptation - covermockup1 Emerald Temptation - covermockup2 Emerald Temptation - covermockup3 Emerald Temptation - covermockup4 Emerald Temptation - covermockup5 Emerald Temptation - covermockup6 Emerald Temptation - covermockup7 Emerald Temptation - covermockup8 Emerald Temptation - covermockup9 Emerald Temptation - covermockup10 Emerald Temptation - covermockup11 Emerald Temptation - covermockup12 Emerald Temptation - covermockup13 Emerald Temptation - covermockup18 Emerald Temptation - covermockup14 Emerald Temptation - covermockup15 Emerald Temptation - covermockup16 Emerald Temptation - covermockup17

Emerald Embrace:  Chad’s Obsession

Emerald Embrace - cover mockup1 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup2 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup3 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup4 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup5 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup6 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup7 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup8 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup9 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup10 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup11 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup12 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup13 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup14 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup31 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup19 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup21 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup20 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup16 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup25 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup18 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup29 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup15 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup22 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup26 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup24 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup28 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup17 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup27 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup30 Emerald Embrace - cover mockup23


Books That Are Collections of Novellas, Stories or Poems


Madame Aubergine’s Compendium of Ramblings: Tales, Snippets and Poetry – contemporary, literary fiction/poetry collection (status:  work in progress, have mock-up covers)

2nd mockup3rd mockup cover4th mockup cover5th mockup cover6th mockup cover7th mockup cover 8th mockup cover 9th mockup cover 10th mockup cover 11th mockup cover 12th mockup cover 13th mockup cover 14th mockup cover 15th mockup cover 16th mockup cover 17th mockup cover 18th mockup cover 19th-mockup-cover 20th-mockup-cover 21st-mockup-cover 22nd-mockup-cover 23rd-mockup-cover 24th-mockup-cover 25th-mockup-cover 

*Some of these works were originally published under Heather Crouse with the following titles: 

Express Cafe and Other Ramblings

Ramblings, Musings and Other Things

Soulful Ramblings and Other Worldly Things


The Game (contemporary romance, romantic adventure, saga, collection) – (status: work in progress, have a cover for a future release)

Perfect Game (originally published under Erica Sutherhome) – romantic adventure, contemporary

A Game of Love (sequel) – contemporary, saga, romantic adventure


First Target (romantic mystery, contemporary, collection) – (status: fully revising, have a cover for a future release)

Hard to Get (originally published under Erica Sutherhome)

A Hint of Scandal (originally published under Erica Sutherhome)


Dark Secrets (romantic suspense, contemporary, collection) (status:  work in progress, have a cover for a future release)

DARK SECRETS - Print cover

Haunted (originally published under Erica Sutherhome)

Pursuit (originally published under Erica Sutherhome)

Ransom (originally published under Erica Sutherhome)

Leather and Lace (originally published under Erica Sutherhome)


Directions of the Heart  (collection published July 2017) – contemporary romance, drama, sensitive issues, PTSD Awareness

Directions of the Heart - Print cover

Comprised of Novellas:

-Without You

-Strange Heat


-A Touch of Dawn


Awakening – paranormal romance, mystery/thriller with metaphysical/visionary elements collection (status:  work in progress, have a cover for a future release)


A Misplaced Life (originally published under Kathryn Layne)

Terror in the Night (originally published under Erica Sutherhome)


Stand Alone Books



The Seer’s Heart – historical



The Widow – historical

Untitled frontier romance – historical



The Scandalous Earl – historical

The Lady in Green – historical


A Girl in the Shadows – gothic, historical


The Passionate Slave – historical


Gallant Seduction – historical


Spanish Heart – historical

The Rogue – historical

The Unexpected Suitor – historical

The Reluctant Pirate – historical

The Arrangement – historical



Western Romance

Cooper’s Wife – historical, post Civil War

The Rogue – Spanish romance 



Midnight Kiss – historical

Masquerade in White – historical


The Unexpected Suitor – historical

The Proposal – historical



Turn of the Century

The Tragic Princess – historical (Ana & Sergei)


Time Travel

Eternal Dreams – time travel romance (historical, contemporary) – Anatolian Stone Series (Eternal Dreams, Eternal Star, Eternal Sunset)


Life Renewed – reincarnation theme (historical, paranormal, contemporary)

Reincarnated Seer (temporary title) – reincarnation theme (historical, paranormal, contemporary)



Deadly Love – paranormal, dystopian

zombie story (untitled) – dystopian, romance

Bloody Suspicion – horror, paranormal, mystery (status: work in progress, have a mock-up cover)


Deadspeak – paranormal romance, mystery


Modern Romance/Other Modern Stories


The Missing Piece – contemporary, new adult romance (published in Cupid’s Arrow Valentine’s Anthology February 2017 & released on its own) 

cupids-arrow-cover-vol-1-001 missing-piece-001-final-cover

Certain Death – contemporary, romantic suspense (collaboration)


Last Chance at Love – contemporary (status: work in progress, have a mock-up cover)


Cajun Heat- contemporary

The Wager – contemporary

His Dancer – contemporary (status: work in progress, have a mock-up cover)


The Executive’s Surprise – contemporary

Savannah Temptation – contemporary

Passion’s Foe – contemporary, suspense

Heirlooms – contemporary (status: work in progress, have a mock-up cover)


Southern Comfort – contemporary

Project Cupcakes – contemporary, holiday, comedy?, secret baby romance (status: work in progress, have a mock-up cover)


Homespun Dreams – contemporary

Miracle – contemporary, secret baby romance

April’s Light/My Only Hope – contemporary

Celibacy Sucks (The Trouble with Nicki) – contemporary, romantic comedy – (status: work in progress, have a mock-up cover)


Wake-Up Call (or Tied Down) – contemporary, secret baby romance

Perfect Intrigue – contemporary, drama


In the Darkness – contemporary

The Welcoming – contemporary

Finding/Discovering Eden – contemporary, romantic adventure (status: work in progress, have a mock-up cover)


The Gentleman- contemporary


Miracle – contemporary

Risky Intentions – contemporary, suspense

Welcome Home – contemporary, second chance romance

Nightmare Begins – contemporary, romantic suspense/thriller

A Watcher in the Dark – contemporary, suspense

InstaGroom – contemporary, fake marriage theme

Love and Madness in Mystery Falls – contemporary


Dark Thief – contemporary, romantic suspense


How to Love a Spy – contemporary, spy romance, romantic suspense


Somebody I Used to Know – contemporary

The Muse – contemporary

Stone of Eternity – contemporary, romantic adventure

A Healing Touch – contemporary

Untitled (Broken?) – contemporary, crime drama, mafia romance

The Debutante – contemporary

Perfect Star – contemporary, western

Right At Home – contemporary

Nik & Sherry

Treasure the Night – contemporary

Strange Savior – contemporary

Hard Target – contemporary, suspense

Whirlwind – contemporary


Not Even in Death – contemporary

A Lonely Valentine and the Mask – Valentine’s theme, erotica, dark romance (some BDSM) – will be published under Rheisa Green

Witness – psychological thriller (status: work in progress, have mock-up covers)

Witness-cover mockup1 Witness-cover mockup3 Witness-cover mockup4 Witness-cover mockup5 Witness-cover mockup6 Witness-cover mockup7 Witness-cover mockup8 Witness-cover mockup9 Witness-cover mockup10 Witness-cover mockup11 Witness-cover mockup12 Witness-cover mockup13 Witness-cover mockup15 Witness-cover mockup16 Witness-cover mockup17 Witness-cover mockup18 Witness-cover mockup19 Witness-cover mockup20 Witness-cover mockup21 Witness-cover mockup22 Witness-cover mockup23 Witness-cover mockup24 Witness-cover mockup25 Witness-cover mockup26 witness-cover-mockup27 witness-cover-mockup28 witness-cover-mockup29 witness-cover-mockup30 witness-cover-mockup31  witness-cover-mockup32 witness-cover-mockup33 witness-cover-mockup34 witness-cover-mockup35 witness-cover-mockup36 witness-cover-mockup37 witness-cover-mockup38 witness-cover-mockup39 witness-cover-mockup40




  (*This means it is a manuscript I am working on now.)




Here is a sneak peek of a work in progress, a contemporary romance (small town theme):


Emily twirled her finger around an auburn ringlet of hair, stepping slowly through the store, barely seeing anything, when she stumbled into a rock. Damn…the rock solid chest of a man. “Oh, sorry,” she stammered.

            “That’s all right,” he replied, steadying her by grasping her upper arms.

            It was an intimate hold, she realized, as she stared at shirt buttons. Intimidated by his size, she dared to lift her gaze to his face. She looked into a pair of the bluest eyes she’d ever seen. He had sandy-colored hair, a broad chest, slim everywhere else, and very sensual lips. She’d never exactly been drawn to many men before, but she couldn’t help but stare at his mouth. His lips begged to be kissed, which was silly. She had never been forward with men and she wouldn’t start now. Heat suffused her cheeks and she tore her gaze away. “I’m sorry,” she repeated.

            “No harm done. You probably didn’t see me.” He dropped his hands from her as she stepped back a little. Then he frowned as he looked her over. “Hey, you’re not from around here, are you?”

            “No, just passing through.” She felt inadequate, suddenly drab in her pink tee shirt and jeans. She had been traveling in a warm car all day and her hair probably looked terrible, slightly damp and curling on the ends.

            “A tourist?”

            “Not really.”

            “You must be the owner of that blue car over at Handel’s Garage.”

            “Oh. That’s my sister’s car actually.”

            He nodded. “You staying a while?”

            She frowned. What on earth did he want to know that for? “Only until the car is fixed. It’s a temporary visit.”

            “You have a relative here then?”

            “No. Is that really any of your business?” she snapped. Though it was unlike her to be so outspoken, the man was too nosy.

            Suddenly, a hush went over the entire store. All activity ceased.

            Emily glanced around and several customers were staring at her as if she had just told God to go to hell. Who was this giant anyway?  And why did he seem so revered?

            “I suppose you’re partly right, but I sort of make things my business. It is my town.”

            “Your town? What, you own it or something? Are you the mayor?”

            “Not exactly. You see, I’m the sheriff. You can call me Jimmy Dan. At least that’s what everyone else calls me.”

            She measured the dark trousers and beige shirt, the star-shaped metal winking on one pocket. Okay, she probably shouldn’t have missed the uniform, but she’d been distracted by his other assets. Wait, what had he said? As it sank in, she blurted, “Oh my God, what kind of name is that?”

            He set his hands on his hips. “What did you say?”

            Emily clasped her hand over her mouth. Had she really just said that aloud? What was wrong with her? The man had a strange name, that was true, like a sausage brand, but that certainly didn’t give her a reason to blurt things out. It was really unlike her. “I’m so sorry. I’m not usually like this…” Inwardly, she moaned, humiliated.

            “I see.” But, he didn’t really seem to understand. He was staring at her like a lab specimen. Not a surprise, though, considering her eye color. She sometimes thought of herself as the ugly rat that no one could look away from, but they sure as hell didn’t want to approach.

            “How about I just call you Jimmy or James?”

            “Well, no, that’s not what I—”

            “It’s nice to meet you, Sheriff Jimmy. I’m Emily. Emily Winston.”

            Reluctantly, he eyed her for a moment. Then he reached out and shook her hand firmly. “Yes, nice to meet you too.”

            She was aware of a heat emanating from his hand, one that caused a flutter in her belly. It was like a primal response she’d never been hit with before. Her knees suddenly felt weak and her lips tingled with a strange need to be kissed. She was spent with her body’s response to the man and her voice sounded breathless and husky when she said, “We’ll only be here for a few days, I think, long enough to get the car done. Then we’ll head out. I should probably go and meet my sisters. They’ll be waiting. It was nice to meet you again, uh, Sheriff…I mean…Jimmy.”

            “Jimmy Dan.”

            Inwardly, she cringed. “All right, Jimmy. Be seeing you around then.” Then she left, the sheriff frowning after her.

            When she got outside, she leaned against the wall of the building, trying to catch her breath. Her heart was beating in a kind of excited panic. “That man gives me butterflies,” she whispered, trying to regain her composure before she met up with Val and Melanie. She just wasn’t sure if the butterflies were a good or bad thing.

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